Learning Programs

Summer School: DH@Madrid Summer School

LINHD joins the ranks of Digital Humanities summer schools  aiming to be the induction into this field for many researches and students. Within the scope of UNED’s summer courses, we offer a weeklong program designed as an introduction to Digital Humanities through their most relevant topics. The course is taught by UNED’s experts and visiting professors with ample expertise in the selected topics.

DH@Madrid Summer School 2017: Semantic technologies and linguistic tools for Digital Humanities

Previous editions:

DH@Madrid Summer School 2016

DH@Madrid Summer School 2015

DH@Madrid Summer School 2014

Curso de Formacion

Mobile Apps for humanities

This course is destinated for all those people of the Humanities and Social Sciende field. It aims to provide them the capacity to create their own Android mobile Apps as well as knowledge in Virtual Reality. Each person will be able to develop different apps without programming skills as well as load these applications in the PlayStore.

With this course we provide specific training for all those people who want to explore the world of new technologies

Certifications in Digital Humanities

In partnership with UNED and following a distance-learning methodology, LINHD offers a set of long academic programs (from 6 to 12 months) to anyone who wants to acquire a better understanding of DH field. Through our certification we are offering you a way to extend your knowledge and expertise in Digital Humanities, additional to the academic training of students, researchers and practitioners in the field, as well as others that are interested in Digital Humanities.

Digital Humanities UNED certificate (30 units)

If you want to get introduced to the DH world, follow our specialization course, completely online! from December to June, registration starting in September.

Titulo Propio

Seminars and conferences

Cursos y seminarios

Other courses and seminars

Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies is one of the mainstays of LINHD team. Several intensive, monographic courses taught by experts will be offered throughout the year  for a deeper understanding of particular topics or tools which may prove interesting: TEI, Latex, digital edition, linked data, WordPress for DH projects, and a lot more.

Custom-made programs

If your project or team need specific training to accomplish any given task (eg. text tagging, learning database management, visualization design, etc.), we put at your disposal customizable programs, perfectly adjustable to the specific needs of your project. Either onsite or online, in small or big groups, in just a few sessions or for a longer period, LINHD has solutions tailored to every possible training need.