Research lines

Tratamiento de Textos

Text processing

  • Digital text edition.
  • Semantic tagging of texts and interrogation systems by means of markup languages, such as XML-TEI (Text Encoding Initiative), LMF (Lexical Markup Framework), EAD (Encoded Archival Description).
  • Creating validation descriptors and transformation stylesheets in languages such as XSLT. Systems for semantic queries on tagged texts.
  • Natural language processing.

Semantic web and linked data

  • Development and implementation of ontologies.
  • Interrogation and information retrieval systems.
  • Creation of complex search systems.
  • Development of semantic platforms.
  • Data mining and Big Data: Knowledge retrieval from large data volumes applied to Humanities and Social Sciences.
  • LOD GLAM: Linked Open Data applied to Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

Databases and knowledge managemnt

  • Creation and development of databases of several kinds (mainly relational, online and open-code) as applying particularly to Humanities projects.
  • Interrogation, management and data retrieval systems.
  • Modeling, simulation and virtualization: Applying techniques for modeling, simulation, virtual reality and augmented reality in Humanities projects.



  • Development of different types of visualizations, tools, representations and dynamic queries.
  • Graphic and technical analysis of visual possibilities for the representation of projects developed in the field of Digital Humanities.
  • Graphic and visual design of visual prototypes depending on the data type.

Research Projects

European Projects Horizon 2020

National Projects

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