LINDH is a research center on Digital Humanities at UNED that works as a hub for innovation, consultancy and training intended for researchers and projects in Spanish. It is a constituent member of the first Spanish Clarin-K Center and the leader of the DARIAH proposal from the Spanish group.

We are offering a 4 year Post-Doctoral position co-funded by the Madrid Community Government and by UNED to bring talented researchers to our university from foreign universities.
Requirements for this position are:
-a PhD degree (not before 2005)
-having spent at least 3 years outside Spain, and at least 2 of the last 3 years in a foreign university.
-DH or computer science training through official degrees and/or courses, or proven experience in the field.
 -at least 5 qualified publications.
-Spanish language abilities (not required, but very desirable)
The closing date for applications is 27th July 2016, and applications have to be sent via, but it is a requirement to contact us by email to as soon as possible and some days before the deadline in order to check eligibility and guide you through the application process.