LINHD is a Digital Humanities Center based in Spain, and in Spanish, that aims at bridging the gap between Humanities and Technology in a collaborative and multidisciplinary way, by applying linked data and semantic web technologies as the philosophy, approach and new foundation for the disciplines within the cultural field.



Summer school

Curso de Formacion


Cursos y seminarios

Customized courses


One of LINHD’s cornerstones as a center for innovation is interdisciplinary and team research through large areas and projects that combine humanities and technology at the same level of importance. This approach is made possible thanks to a sound team of researchers from different disciplines and departments working together.


At LINHD we recognize that training is a cornerstone for both humanists and computer scientists, and various types of training programs have been prepared that are tailored to the different needs of their target audiences, thus offering a wide range of possibilities: summer, in-depth, case-study, and custom-made courses, seminars, etc.


We are well aware that it isn’t easy to navigate through a ground bordering several disciplines.  Correspondingly, we run an interdisciplinary and well-trained team which you can count on not only to work out the odd query but also to provide specialized consultancy services, or if you would like to contract the lab’s computer services.