DayofDH 2017

Dear friends,

For the third consecutive year the LINHD, with the collaboration of HD CAICYT, organizes the DayofDH 2017. You can access from now on at

As you all know, DayofDH is a project that aims to reflect a day in the life and work of a digital humanist. This event  attracts people from different points of the planet every year to document, through text and images, their activities. The purpose of the project is to unite the contributions of the participants in a single resource that seeks to answer the question of “What exactly do digital humanists do?”.

It is our intention that the DayofDH platform will account for the participation of the largest number of stakeholders in the HD and that it is really a global meeting. Therefore, we want to encourage you to organize activities for the broadcasting of the web, to exchange information with your colleagues from all over the planet, to create groups, blogs and events. And, of course, to join the virtual activities we will organizate in order to enrich this great event.

On the one hand, we ask you for spread the DayofDH website from your associations, that you actively participate in it and propose activities, you believe groups, blogs, etc. All suggestions are welcome. We will put in the footer of the website each one of the logos of the associations that collaborate in this with us.

We look forward to your participation!

Elena González-Blanco (UNED, Madrid) and Gimena del Río (CONICET, Argentina)