Launch of EVILINHD: LINHD’s new Virtual Research Environment

It is a pleasure for us to announce the official release of our Virtual Research Environment EVI-LINHD

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EVI-LINHD is a cloud platform free and open-source to create Digital Humanities projects which contains a XML-TEI digital edition tool and processing model based on eXist, a space to create digital libraries using Omeka and the power of WordPress to design beautiful websites for the projects. Users are able to create a project from the beginning to the end and share it with their team members. The project has been funded by MINECO FFI2014-57961-R.

The launch event will take place on next Wednesday 19th October, at the School of Economics of UNED, Sala Saenz Torrecilla, at 16:00h,Paseo Senda del Rey, 11, Madrid. It will also be broadcasted online here:

The event is free but you are very welcome to register here:

We hope to welcome you in this event which will mark a hit in the history of the Spanish Digital Humanities!

**Users are very welcome to register and test the environment at**

The event agenda can be downloaded here: