We open the enrollment period for our Digital Humanities courses

We are pleased to announce that registration is open for our Digital Humanities long term courses.

The courses are guided and adapted to the students’ different profiles, and includ various materials (texts, images, videos), offered through a web platform, where students interact with teachers as well as communicate with their peers.

All courses can be completed online and from anywhere in the world, thanks to flexible schedules.

This year we are offering the following programs:


Professional Expert in Digital Humanities (3rd edition), 30 credits, from January to September 2017


Professional expert in Digital Academic Edition (2nd Edition), 30 credits, from January to September 2017


Text Analysis and Stilometry with R (new!), 6 credits, from January to May 2017


The new course Text Analysis and Stylometry with R stands out in our offer. This course is a result of the positive experiences we have had in recent years and our desire to innovate and constantly improve in order to provide to our students practical and valuable textual analysis tools. It is one of the courses required by students in our field because of its potential to boost a career and provide a competitive advantage in today’s labour market.

Registration is open until 1st December but admissions are limited so we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible and avoid disappointment. All courses will start in January 2017.

Starting this year, in order to increase our training capabilities and to stay ahead in technological innovation, we have created together with the School of Computer Science the Training Centre for Digital and Technology Innovation  where can be seen all the courses we are offering together.

All courses are designed for distance learning and will be taught completely online and in Spanish (although they are open to non-Spanish speakers as well). We are offering special discounts and study aids that can be consulted on the respective pages.

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Our mission is to offer a path to the future for professionals that want to join us in the challenging world of Digital Humanities!